Purifying income from halal sources


I hope all is well. I have read the articles on purifying your wealth on the IFG website but I am still a bit confused. In regard to purification, how often should I do this? Say I have invested in Shariah-compliant stocks but I still have to purify 5% of my earnings, do I do this on a weekly basis? Or monthly, quarterly, annually? Also do I have to take out 5% from my savings account directly or can I calculate 5% of my earnings and donate via cash I have on hand?



May Allah bless you

You can do the purification everytime you are paid the dividends or you sell shares.

And Allah knows best!

JzkA for answering, May Allah reward you.

Also does this specifically have to come from our brokerage account or can we pay this via other means via cash in hand for example?

I do not see any issues with paying from other sources.

And Allah knows best!

As Salam alaikum @Mufti_Billal

Under what category should we purify this

As interest received , hence giving it to NZF as interest disposal or can it be given as sadaqa too.

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Siraj Haq


On the NZF page there should be a heading for Riba or Interest, this would probably be found under giving sadaqah section.

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Jazakallah @Mufti_Billal

My query was, where does this disposal of purification sit under

Riba - not expecting any reward for donating this amount as it is classified as involuntary riba recieved, hence disposing it with no intention of reward.


Voluntary Sadaqah - expecting reward as this purification might not be purely for riba received.

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