Purifying capital gains

Asalam alykum,

Is it sufficient to just donate 10% of realised gains instead of doing the research the find out exactly how much you should give to purify?

Say if I have 2 profitable trades in a day and 1 losing trade but the losing trade is more than the 2 wins combined, in this case is it right to say I don’t purify the 2 profitable trades as I am now down money of the losing trade.

Lastly, say I have only just starting purifying gains, is it sufficient to just take 10% of my overall profit/loss so far and donate it? And then 10% of any withdrawals I’ve made?

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Also I’d like to add wouldn’t it make more sense to only purify capital gains if you’ve held shares for longer than say, 1 month as that would indicate upon selling the profit made has likely been affected by the companies dealing etc. If I buy and sell in a day or swing trade that is going to mainly be due to other factors.

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Apologies for tagging I just haven’t had an answer yet.

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Kindly see the answer in link

Jazak Allah khair but this doesn’t answer my questions, I’d like to piurify but I don’t know how to go about it, so if you could please go back to the first message in this thread and answer the questions it would be very much appreciated. @Mufti_Faraz_Adam @Mufti_Billal