Purify Shariah non-compliant stock


If I discover a stock in my portfolio is Sharia non compliant and I have suffered a loss on it, must I sell it immediately? Or is it permissible to wait for its value to go higher (potentially make gains) before I sell?

I invested in Fiverr stock almost 2 years ago. At the time I was ignorant of the fact that stocks can be non shariah compliant based on company debt. I recently checked all my stocks for shariah compliance and Fiverr was non compliant according to Zoya.

I have suffered a loss on it of 70%. My understanding is that if I suffer a loss on a haram stock I can keep all the money. Must I sell this stock now? Or is it permissible to wait for the stock to go up? and if it potentially makes a gain then I can give the profit in charity and hold on to the principal amount.
Please advise.

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I am also in the same situation as @Shaheer1. In addition to this, I invest with Degiro and I selected the Basic account option which means Degiro may have lent my money to other clients.

My questions are: Would I be able to retain my original investment even if my broker might have lent my shares and if the non-shariah compliant shares have gone into a loss then back into a profit?

It’ll be much appreciated if you can provide us with an answer