Prudential Private Pension


I have a private pension with Prudential and currently the money is invested in their PruFund Risk Managed 3 Fund Series E, which invests the money in various places including UK Fixed Interest, US Fixed Interest, UK Equities, Property, Pacific Market Equities, Global Emerging Markets Equities etc. I have queried with Prudential if they have any shariah compliant funds but the response has been no.

Detail on the fund is below:

Can you confirm the best course of action? Should I get the money moved to a cash SIPP? Also what actions need to be taken to make the money from this Pension halal as it has been invested for some time.


Assalaamu alaykum,

From a Shariah compliance perspective, we would advise you to do whatever is possible to get a Shariah compliant pension. A SIPP is an option.

In terms of making the pension halal, all the capital that has been invested can be redeemed. The profits must be purified and disbursed in charity.

@Mohsin_from_IFG can advise you further in this dilemma.

Prudential offer shariah compliant funds. You should be able to move your pensions to the shariah compliant fund relatively easily by contacting them.

Thank you. I will contact them again as the initial response was that they don’t.