Providing contract services to a non-sharia Business

As salamu alaykum

The company I own and manage is an electrical engineering and project execution contracting company. We have a partnership with a fund manager to design and install electrical infrastructure on 3rd party clients premises. The fund manager in turn has leasing business relationships with these 3rd party clients.

An opportunity has come up where in this case, the 3rd party client is a entertainment resort and casino premises. There is some % of revenue that the end-client gets from shariah-compliant sources e.g. hotel accommodation, restaurants, theme parks and other general facilities, but there is also a definite portion of income that they get from casino, alcohol and gambling sources. I do not know what that percentage split is.

My question is - is it permissible for me to provide my company’s services where I will be employed by the fund manager on this project, but my team will design and physically have to install the electrical infrastructure at the end-client’s resort & casino premises?

Jzk khair

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