Property Telegram FAQ

Salam guys

This is a live FAQ (that all community members should add to) that has come about as our very active Telegram group regularly gets asked the same questions.

So I thought sensible to just park all answered questions in one place for everyone to be able to easily access.

First, these are the Telegram groups - feel free to join:
:speech_balloon: Stocks groups:
:speech_balloon: Property/Fixed Returns Group:
:speech_balloon: VC/PE/Debt Group:
:speech_balloon: Our Crypto Chat Group:

Get Started Investing

Best place to compare investments:

#notfinancialadvice but: you want stocks, a fixed income element, and a high growth element
Stocks: DIY, Wahed, buy a fund
Fixed income: DIY, Yielders, Godwin, Qardus
High growth: IFG.VC (but also arguably Introcrowd, and HNW Yielders deals)

Stocks: 30-50%
Fixed income: 20-40%
High growth: 10-30%
and how you decide on that spectrum is by looking at:

  1. your aims
  2. your total pot
  3. your risk appetite
  4. how illiquid/liquid you need investments to be
  5. impact/ethical considerations
  6. time

1. Can I invest in property with not much money
Yes - lots of options especially via crowdfunding. See options here:

2. Is property going to crash?
Probably going to get cheaper and there will be bargains in the market but no crash imho

3. Is Ethis any good?
Decent - we like it. Full review here:

4. How do i invest in property?
see here:

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Assalamu allaikum is the telegram groups still valid? Specifically crypto and stocks group the links seem to have expired