Prize draw with free entry

I have a question from someone I know:

They have been living in a rented house for over a decade, avoiding mortgages. They have come across a charity that donates to a cancer fund. The charity is doing a prize draw where the first prize is a house (which is why this family is interested).

In this prize draw you can either pay for multiple entries, or get a free entry through post . The money they collect will go to the cancer trust after costing the prizes. Free entries will have an equal chance of winning as a paid entry.

The question is, would entering the prize draw be a Halal thing to do?

Please advise.
Jazaak Allah


May Allah bless you.
Can you send the link for more information please.


“Omaze Million Pound House Draw – Omaze UK”
Jazaak Allah, Shaikh

I could not find anything on the free entry you mentioned.

Paying to enter the draw equals to gambling. It is therefore not permissible (haram).

However if there is a free entry, then my humble opinion is that it is permissible to take part in it.

And Allah knows best!

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Jazaak Allah
Just to clarify: permissable even if some contestants of the draw have to pay and others can enter for free?
Much obliged

Yes because if as you said, someone got the choice between a free entry and paying. Then who ever chose to pay for the entry, it would be their responsibility not yours.
Again, this is valid if the scenario is as you have described.

The same can apply to some of the draws offered by tv channels, where you can either pay and send a text or chose to register your entry by post or something for free.

Of course in all the above, the prize must be halal in itself.

And Allah knows best!

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This clarifies it completely.
Jazaak Allah

Salaam alaikum, does the cost of postage count as payment to enter the competition?

Asalamoalikum mufti bilal.

I understand the post is quite old but i would appreciate if you can clarify one more thing regarding this.
If free entry and paid entey both carry equal chances then if the person who decides to pay for it, is it not permissible/haram for them??

Inunder free entry would be ideal way and is halal but my question is about paid entry in a competition where there still is an option of free entry

I would really appreciate it if you can answer this query.

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