PRIZE DRAW haram or halal

I would like to setup a business where customer come to a takeaway and i give a free ticket to them to enter in my free prize draw to win things. Is this haram? Please let me know.

May Allah bless you.

Some religious authorities might view it as non-compliant with Islamic jurisprudence. However, my own perspective is that it’s acceptable, provided that no extra charge is imposed on top of the regular food price for entry into the draw.

And Allah knows best!

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Aslama alikum, jazahk Allah for the reply to the previous question I asked. Also, one more thing I wanted to ask If a person makes an assumption about a football game, e.g., Who will win? And win a prize if correct, but you didn’t pay to enter; it’s completely free. If they come to my shop to buy things as normal, I give them the opportunity to win something by making assumptions. I could have used the word prediction, but I used assumptions instead. Please let me know if this is ok.Thanks allah hafiz