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I get private medical insurance from my work. I have just come to learn that, although I don’t pay anything towards it, it is a taxable benefit meaning that we ‘will be taxed on the cost to the employer as a benefit-in-kind through monthly payroll’

When I login to my HMRC portal it has ‘medical insurance’ and its monetary value.

So technically he (and probably me too) are paying towards it, around £20-30 per month.

On my payslip the private medical insurance is stated as an ‘employer contribution’ but if the above is true, Does this still mean it is permissible or not, as I am paying the tax on it? Jzk

Wa alaykum salaam,

Some senior scholars in the UK have permitted the use of private medical insurance due to necessity and contextual reasons. Therefore, in any case, this will be fine.

Allah knows best


Jazakallah for your response Mufti. Would this be classed as a necessity given we have an NHS? Although waiting times etc and certain treatments aren’t available through the NHS. What would your opinion be Mufti?

I’d just like my conscience to be clear that it is fully legitimate from a Sharia perspective. As I am paying the tax for it, would that not class as paying towards it?


Assalamu Alaykum.

In the original question, it appears as if Z28 is asking about receiving private medical insurance (PMI) without having a choice (or opt out). And Mufti Sab has answered accordingly.

Where PMI is an option/choice benefit, not something the employer has forcibly included all employees in, are we allowed to choose to take it out as a work benefit? Or should we abstain?

Please note in this case, when opting in, the employer will pay approx £700/year. The employee will be charged the tax on that £700. That will be the only contribution from the employee.


Yes this is correct, jazakallah for clarifying.

If I could ask further, if it is permissible - I have the option to add family members to the policy - again at no extra cost to myself however as the employer contribution will go up so will the tax I pay. Would this be allowed?

Jazakallah again


You may find the below link useful.


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Jazakallaah brother Zeeshan.

It seems when you have the choice to join or not, it’s allowed if really needed, otherwise one should try to abstain.

The same probably applies when adding family members.