PoS Coin Staking question: Riba is not always About Interest

Hi Brothers Assalamualaikum, greetings from Indonesia. As far as i know, Riba is not always about interest. When you are doing real business with profit sharing (Mudharabah), normally the profit proportion you will get is given from the “sales/result” and not from the amount of initial capital you invest, hence the profit you take is volatile since the profit is always volatile (some time you have high or low profit in business, or even loss). If the profit sharing percentage is taken from the initial capital you invest, it is considered Riba (according to some scholar) since the profit you get is fixed regardless the business is having a profit or loss.

I am now very confuse here,

In staking coin, will you have a fixed profit everyday/weekly/yearly? because normally when you are staking coins, you will get the fixed amount from your initial capital you invest (from the amount of initial coins you invest/stake). Meaning the more coin you stack, the higher you will get since you get the profit from percentage of the inital capital, and it is fixed profit?. Will you have a fixed profit everyday/weekly/yearly? How come that PoS is not riba?

Normally if we stake from a wallet (e.g. atomic wallet), they will calculate the reward by the first amount of coin we stake. By using percentage. How they determine this percentage? is that percentage volatile or it is fixed for everybody? the amount of percentage is calculated from the proportion of our coin to all staked coin on the pool?

so summarizing. if the reward percentage is calculated by the proportion of our coin we stake to all staked coin then the percentage for each staker must be different since the rewards will be based on the jackpot block (by the system) and divided in proportion to the coins ownership on the pool. Otherwise, if no matter big or small coin we stake having a same reward percentage, then this is riba in my understanding and all wallet which provide stacking services apply this same rule I suppose. what do you think?

please help. Jazakallah khayr

@Mufti_Faraz_Adam @Mufti_Billal