Physical gold backed ETFs permissable

Salam Alykoum

On IFG website under the section about gold. It states that gold backed ETFs are permissible to invest in. I just want clarification if scholar has reviewed these Gold ETFs as complaint and said there ok. I’m new too IFG so please forgive my ignorance with how things work. Salam.

Some of these gold ETF on IFG don’t have shariah certificate, I did contact these companies
Myself and told IFG but still on their website as shariah compliant!!!

Wa alaykum salaam,

The physical gold-backed ETFs have the potential to be Shariah compliant, but without any thorough review of the documents, it would be premature to declare any particular ETF as Shariah compliant.

Jazakom Allah khayan,
Wisdomtre have more than one physical baked gold ETF but only one from these is certified as shariah compliant there is other factors like hedged …and other hidden criteria
It is the same for invesco they have only one ETF shariah compliant not all physical gold baked they have are.

  • Dws Xtracker and Aberdeen standard do similar ETF for gold and silver but when contacted them they both replayed that they are willing to do it upon request (NO SHARIAH BODY ASKED THEM FOR THAT YET AND THEY ARE HAPPY TO COOPERATE) and they even discussed that internally
    Also I contacted ishares and said they don’t have any certificate for that

I would be very happy to know if there is any other platinum or palladinum Etf shariah compliant rather than wisdomtree ones
Thank you very much

Second dear mufti and wich is very important the settlement t+2 has to be respected not only because don’t sell what you don’t own but other ribawi factors related to silver and gold ,hier my broker trading 212 via the Isa account said just count 48h after order buy not include the non working days and you are sure you got ownership of the ETF and they dont give notifications for completion of settlement but on real case with technical problems…etc we can’t guaranty that and we don’t want to wait extra days

Wa alaykum salaam,

I would only consider those gold-backed ETFs which are expressly and evidently certified as Shariah compliant or which have been reviewing by a Shariah compliant investment platform and adopted as part of their portfolio.

I’m unaware of ETFs specific to other metals.

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As-Salāmu ʿalaykum,

The Invesco Physical Gold ETC does at least have a certificate. But would it be possible to assume that other ETCs, such as the iShares Physical Gold ETC, would also be Sharīʿa compliant if it’s also backed physically? And would such an ETC have to be physically backed by 100 % or only part of it?

As on the IFG website Xetra Gold ETC is also cited as compliant, though they state on their website that 95 % of their gold is physically backed (held in custody in physical form) and 5 % is kept in the form of delivery claims on gold, which they count as “100 % backed”. Would this also be seen as 100 % backed from a Sharīʿa POV and therefore permissable to invest in?

Salem eid Mubarak brother,
May Allah bless you for asking ,becarfull don’t trade any etf/etc with no certificate don’t follow that list on IFG i even contact igf team but they didn’t updated
Ii did my own long research about precious metals, i did contact all of them ishares,invesco…
To be physically backed doesn’t mean it it halal theres many factors also…
But to be halal it has to be physically backed
Even that i am staying away from gold and silver because of many mufti opinions
I am trading platinum and palladinum etc from wisdomtree they got certificate from al Qualam foundation have look on their website
Next week we expecting certificate from Ridgex
They will lanch a halal copper and nickel etc also

Kinds Regards