Personal Finance Question: Is home insurance halal for an Islamic mortgage?

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
I have a halal home purchase plan which requires mandatory home insurance. Would the home insurance be permissible to purchase?

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Since home - either building and/or contents - insurance is a requirement by mortgage providers before they extend finance, one should seek a Takaful scheme (shariah compliant cooperative-based risk sharing model) to mitigate the risks that come with home ownership for a mortgage. If a Takaful product is not available, one will be excused in taking out a conventional home insurance policy. A person has no option or say in the matter whilst trying to lawfully acquire that which is permissible & one’s right.

Allah knows best

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Are there any takaful products available, which I could avail of in the UK?
جزاك الله

Unfortunately not that we are aware of at this stage.


If i own my property, is it permissible to take out building insurance?