Permissibility of working in trading exchanges like

Assalamu Alaikym @Mufti_Faraz_Adam @Mufti_Billal

There are lots of Software Engineering development jobs in Crypto world, specially in Crypto exchanges. Can I work for or Coinbase as a Softwre Engineer, it this permissible, its very hard to outline or describe what exact role or responsibilities before doing the job but so far from general job or role description I found these details

“As a Backend Developer, you will design, develop, maintain, and improve software for various ventures projects, i.e., projects that are adjacent to our core businesses and are bootstrapped fast with a lean team. You will be actively involved in the design of various components behind scalable applications focusing on backend infrastructure.”

As far as my own understanding in general, these companies drive and make profit becuase to software, algporithms, applications, platforms and software developement roles are intrinsic in delivering value proposition / revenues so working in software department for these exchnages means you are directly / indirectly involve in any grey area which is impermissible.

What is you opinoin ?