Permissibility of Starting my Own Consulting Company

Hello. I am a female and I want to set up an all-female online consulting business. The company will consult schools on how to be more environmentally friendly. To avoid gender-mixing we will only offer services to all-girl schools. However, I have scenario questions. I hold the view that travelling outside the city without a mahram is haram and that music and art (art that includes drawing animate beings) is haram.

Am I allowed to look into the school’s energy supply and recommend ways to save energy? This means looking at all rooms and seeing how the energy is used. I ask because some electricity in these schools is used to power rooms that host art, music, dance classes, biology classes that talk about evolution etc. But the majority of the subjects are halal. Am I sinful if I also measure the power usage of those rooms ie. the whiteboards used, the lights? Is it permissible for me to suggest alternatives for energy supply in general given that I know some rooms offer haram things in every school even Islamic schools?

Is it permissible to advise the schools to buy and purchase LED lights from electronics stores as the stores might be outside their city? I ask because the school employees are all female so am I sinful if they choose to travel without a mahram to buy the LED lights? Am I also allowed to suggest they use recycling centres that might be outside their city?

Lastly, is it permissible to look at travel? Meaning I look at school buses and recommend how they can save energy by either recommending them to purchase electric vehicles or providing a map with shorter routes to follow to save energy? I ask because no doubt girls might live far away and thus are considered to be travelling without a mahram to go to school by the school bus. Also, new bikes have emerged in the market where a person can steer a mini bus on wheels. what is the ruling on me suggesting such travel if the students/ biker do not observe hijab, am I responsible since I suggested the mode of transport?


May Allah bless you.
Advising on how to be benefit the environment is praiseworthy.

From what you have described, I do not see anything wrong in the role you will be performing.

And Allah knows best!