Permissibility of RSUs


In the tech industry, RSUs are a very common form of compensation. As long as the company is in a permissible line of work, would it be acceptable to receive these RSUs?

I know when it comes to financial ratios, the same company may often fluctuate between permissible and impermissible. Also, if the company is not yet public, it is difficult to know what their financial ratios are.

But if Muslim employees are unable to take advantage of RSUs, then they will be at a severe disadvantage and grossly underpaid compared to their peers. A lot of times employees more compensation in stocks than in their base salary, and this is not just some bonus but rather a key part of the compensation.


May Allah bless you.

Yes its permissible as longer as the company itself is shariah compliant.

And Allah knows best!


@Mufti_Billal could you please clarify what you mean by “company itself is shariah compliant”. Is this referring to the companies primary line-of-business, or all the financial ratios that cannot be relied on for this decision as they may fluctuate between compliant and non-compliant