Permissibility of Nio stock

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة
I would like to know if a company called Nio is halaal to invest in. Their main income comes from selling cars and less than 3% of it comes from haraam activities. They have an interest bearing debt of ~26% and interest bearing securities of ~33%.

Their website is

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Hope you are well. I have multiple questions regarding stocks.

  1. I started investing in stocks about 2 years ago and I have very little knowledge about stocks, let’s just call it nonexistent when I invest my father basically says to me you’re gambling because you don’t understand the market basically. I would like to know if that is true. If so then would I need to give away all of my profits to charity? I trade on trading 212 on which there is fix impact which from my understanding is due to currency exchange and then there is the actual gain/loss, so if I am meant to make let’s say 700£ but due to currency exchange or something my actual profit is less, would I only need to specifically give the profit in charity or a bit extra as a precautionary measure.

  2. Also when I did start unfortunately the place I used to work I would say I wasn’t working hard, like relaxing too much etc so money I’d say is haraam. Now the money I’ve invested from that income I would assume would need to all go into charity. I do not know how much it would be though that would be haraam as it is mixed with someone else’s money too.

  3. I invested in a stock that I found out later on that it is haraam due to quite high interest-bearing debt/interest-bearing securities not sure which one is very high (could be both - I got this information from an application called Zoya which apparently is meant to tell you which stock is halaal or haraam) I am quite heavily in minus in that stock as well, is it permissible for me to hold it until I break even or make a little bit of profit and give the money to charity on the profit or would I need to sell it as it is?

Do apologize if the questions aren’t put forward properly, InshaAllah you can reply as soon as possible. JazakAllah

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