Permissibility of data analyst in bank

Salam moulaykoum,

I got offered a data analyst job at a bank wich has as its main job focus to identify clients who already have a account, but who do not use the app of the bank yet. I have to identify these from the bank data and then give them to my team, which in turn targets these clients with a marketingcampagne in order to make them use the app. This app has as it primary function to pay bills, block cards increase limits etc and see the accounts one has. However there is also written some information on how to arrange an appoitnment in order to get a loan or mortgage. You can not receive the loan or mortgage through the app but there is a link in the app that redirects you to the website which has some information on how to setup a appointment in order to talk to a loan officer to get one. I am now confused because the job does not directly or inherently deal with riba as the main focus is only to identify clients who do not have the app and I do not have any say in the marketing i only identify clients who do not use the app, but on the other hand the app itself has some links that redirect information on how to get loans/morgages (not the primary function but it is in the app).

Would this job be halal or haram? @Mufti_Faraz_Adam @Mufti_Billal

Jazakallah Khair