Permissibility for energy consultancy for non halal Companies

Slms is it permissible for energy consultant to sell cheap gas and electricity tariffs to non halal companies. Please kindly advise


May Allah bless you.
Please provide more details of the job involved, what do you mean non halal companies and how the sales contract are structured i.e. does it involved based interest transaction etc

Kind regards

Slms basically my friend is a gas consultant And his job involves approaching businesses and reducing their gas and electricity bills by finding them cheap tariffs with business energy companies and signing them on to contracts. He does not deal with any interest based commission but he receives commission from the energy companies that the companies sign up to. Is it permissible for him to approach non halal companies and sign them up to cheap energy deal contracts. To clarify he makes his earning from the energy contracts the companies sign. Is this permissible. Pls kindly advise.


I don’t see anything wrong with this role from a shariah perspective.

And Allah knows best!