People's pension sharia fund


Sallams Mufti saab.

I wanted to ask about the people pension sharia fund.

I currently have a pension scheme set up with my employer and i made sure i allocated the funds to be invested 100% into a sharia fund.

There’s only 1 sharia option available.

Today i was looking through it and it states that:

The fund tracks the Dow Jones Islamic Market Titans Index, which comprises Shariah-compliant companies endorsed by the HSBC Amanah Shariah Supervisory Committee.This is a higher risk fund investing in company shares from around the world and is compliant with Islamic Shariah principles.

From this i thought the fund is halal and so my pension is halal.

Then further looking into it i seen that their top 10 holdings are in companies such as Facebook, alphabet, Microsoft, Nivida, Johnson & Johnson, Visa etc.

I wanted to ask is this pension plan/scheme sharia compliant.

As if its not then what do i do with the fund already in there?


@Mufti_Faraz_Adam @Mufti_Billal

Any thoughts on the above.