Payroll and pensions


As part of my job description it says I will need to coordinate relationship with the external payroll and pension providers. Can this be considered haraam. I have read that with regards to pension it is now by law that companies have to offer it. So as an accountant if my role consists of supplying information to these two departments whereby it is the hands of the individual for example to opt in or out of the pension am I assisting in a haraam act. The organisation is of a charity one whereby it helps youth come away from gang violence etc.


May Allah bless you.

Can you clarify what is the sort of information you will be providing please?

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The information that they will need to process pension for employees.

If you are just providing with information stating the financial position of the employees then I do not see any issues with it.

And Allah knows best!

Assalamu alaykum,

I manged to gauge more information. They said I will be proving information as well as checking it is correct and sometimes this could involve calculating to check there are no errors from there part. Does this still follow the same principle as what you said earlier.