Paying wage to spouse

Slms if a woman is earning a six figure sum from her own business and the husband is requesting a wage of 30k is it a sin if the woman refuses.
The husbands argument is he has always given the wife over 50 percent of his earnings and now is not happy she is refusing. The husband has a successful business of his own.
The wife agrees to fund his holidays car and outings but doesn’t want to agree for wage as believes this will cause arguments.
The wife is aware if she dies he will get her assets as per Islamic will and accepts.
Please advise is the wife wrong.

Sorry above should read 7 figure sum and also the husband wants to retire with the 30k income a year from the wife. He is not near the retirement age.

Assalaamu alaykum,

Since this is a potential dispute situation and query, the full facts of the case must be presented to a local scholar to mediate in this situation. That will be most effective and closest to brining resolve in the matter Insha’Allah.