Partner who is non Muslims and majority share holder want to take loan on interest

I have been offered to from a non Muslim to start a partnership in which he will do all the investment and I will be a 20% share holder which I am getting because of the skill set that I have. He said he will give me a salary and when company will start make profit at the end of each financial year I will get my dividend. But he said that beside one time capital investment the other investment he will put in the business he will get it back from the business with interest (didn’t mention the interest rate) when company will start making profit. In this case I am also indulging in interest since I don’t have any power to say no? Second is it correct to offer him that instead of getting interest from the company I can give 5% or 10% of share profit to him for that year in which he had to bring more investment to the company? if not that what should I can do?


May Allah bless you.

Sorry but I am a little confused. Is the business taking a loan which they will repay with interest to the bank or investors? Or is it the company who will lend money and receive interest in return?

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business is taking loan from major share holder (he has 80% shares of the company) and will repay him with interest.