Partaking in the creation of a crypto project similar to MakerDAO & DAI

Salam alejkum, MakerDAO and DAI has been deemed HALAL by the ISG crypto guide list. I am working in a company which is now into creating a similar project like that, (almost a copy) and would want to know if its halal to participate in this. OUR project has two coins, one coin which is a normal crypto and has charity mechanisms in it (which is good), the other is a “stablecoin” just like DAI and it uses mechanisms to stabilize its value, as well as the “stability fee” which is a percentage of a deposit. I would sincerely love a response as fast as possible if a DEFI project such as DAI is halal to create. No one is making money from lending here and no person is actually receiving anything. It is just a protocol to maintain the price stability with a collateral percentage as well as a stability fee for maintenance.