Owning a Instagram page

Salaam,need some advice so currently I am 16 Alhamdulilah pray 5 times a day but have a few stuff I want confirm as I’m very confused and need the right advice and guidance,I own a Instagram page with a business partner that has over 100k followers(I spent 2/3 years building accounts as it’s my passion and spent a lot of time into it)These accounts Also make me money from ads and promos so it’s good for me as a 16 year old.However my business partner promotes gym content on the stories which sometimes include women working out,I mainly manage posting on the page(I post only animal content,satisfying stuff nothing haram all normal stuff)Was just wondering if this is still permissible as I am staying away from looking at women and don’t even see them on the page at all but I’m still concerned.I just post on the page and see car content,satisfying videos etc,also all music is muted.Need some good advice nothing biased appreciate it .


May Allah bless you.
For now keep, the profit you make from halal adverts, any content that is doubtful then don’t take anything for it. If your business partner post anything haram then he is responsible for it. Once you are able to, then create your own page.
May Allah accept your intention and your effort to seek halal at such young age. Those who spent their youth in pleasing Allah, will be under the shadow of His Throne on the day when there will be no other shadow to protect mankind.

And Allah knows best!

Thank you brother appreciate the advice,also was wondering would I be able to leave the background music in the videos(It’s piano music or something no actual songs)there always is that music in the background accompanying the animal vid or satisfying vid etc.Would this be acceptable?Nothing bad is promoted or said btw.

Some contemporary scholars don’t have issues with music in itself. Majority see it as impermissible. If you can mute the music then it would be better.