Ownership of income in a family

Assalamualikum dear sheikh,

In our culture, it is widely spread that the income of the wife and husband is for both simultaneously. It is said, “There is no my income; it is ‘our’ income.” If one of them doesn’t work, then one has ownership of the spouse’s income. Is that contradictory according to Islam?


May Allah bless you.
Everyone is owner of their own money. If the husband and wife wants to have an arrangement where they consider everything to be owned equally between them irrespective of whether one is earning more than the other, then the arrangement is fine from a shariah perspective as longer as they are both happy with it.
However, this will lead to many implications, for example when it comes to zakat, they both need to work out exactly how much zakatable assets they own equally. If one passes away, then it must be clear that 50% of the total assets belongs to to the other half, and therefore only the remaining 50% will be subject to inheritance rules etc.

And Allah knows best!