Order something with some other's account

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

For example:
I don’t have a bank account due to some reason and I want to order something online. So, can I order it through my friend’s bank account? If the order is for $100, I will pay him the $100 in order to deposit into his bank account, and then he will order it to his house. Then he will give it to me the thing.

Similarly, if I have a bill to pay, then can I give him the amount of bill in cash so that he can deposit it in his bank account so that he will pay the bill from his bank’s account? Does these examples violate country’s law, whether it be UK or USA?

So, is this procedure halal to do?

Jazak Allah khair!!!


Yes it is permissible. In this case, you are making your friend the agent to act on your behalf to pay a bill, or to purchase something.

And Allah knows best!

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What a quick reply!!! Jazak Allah khair for that!!!

Another question:

What if the country has not permitted that act to do be done?

You have asked that question previously. Please see the previous answer as it is the same principle:


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Jazak Allah khair!!! I’m really sorry to ask that question again.