Oracle ecosystem is it halal to invest in it?

Asslam o alikum
hope everyone is doing fine.

i was comming across this Oracle ecosystem it defines it as

An “oracle” sends data from the outside world, such as the daily temperature
or the number of votes a political candidate received, to a blockchain such as Ethereum, tron etc.

it actually works on how to incorporate data into a blockchain and then reward the miners. (if i understand it correctly)

is it permissible to invest in these coins for gain as IFG offical website state 53 coins amoung which is the coin which
is related to oracle coin which is chainlink(LINK) which is hala

so my question is that the other coins in this category is halal or not as they work on same principle like

DIA etc

can we invest in these coins…if anybody can help it would be helpful…also want to know about infinity token AXS.