Online payment solutions

Like how Stripe, Paypal, or Square work, they take a cut in the form of a %, or % + fixed amount from the money that’s being moved.

There are costs involved in moving money, and everyone involved basically takes a cut before the merchant receives the money.

Customer pays £10, and the merchant receives £8. £2 is split among those involved moving the money.

From my research, there’s seems to be no riba in these payment solutions but I just wanted to make sure.

Could a Muslim build a company like Stripe, Square, PayPal, etc, acting as the middle man in processing transactions for merchants?

I thought of a simple analogy, where if my friend told me to go pay someone for him, I’d want to be compensated for my troubles.

Thank you.


May Allah bless you.

Yes there is no issue in paying a fee to a third party doing a money transfer on your behalf.

And Allah knows best!