One method of screening a stock


(a) With regards to entering and exiting the stock using exact same method of halal screening - Would this be a valid reason to hold i.e. If someone screened a stock using Zoya, few weeks later Islamicly flags it up as non-compliant, but on Zoya it’s still compliant… Do we stick with Zoya since that’s what we initially went by?

(b) If both apps start showing the stock as non-compliant - would we still apply the 90 day hold rule? Or required to sell immediately?



May Allah bless you.

  1. Follow one method of screening. If you have followed Zoya for a stock, then stick to this one to avoid confusion. Otherwise, if you do not feel comfortable when you see a stock status as non compliant elsewhere, then follow your heart.

  2. It should be down to your personal choice. Some people might feel comfortable waiting, some don’t. If you wait then don’t go beyond 90 days.

And Allah knows best!