Non Alcoholic Beverage Company Shares

This is a question for the Muftis, and for the IFG Team,
I have a PLC which passes all shariah screening requirement.
However it is a non alcoholic beverage company which manufactures non alcoholic mixers such as tonic water and ginger ale for its customers who mainly make alcoholic drinks and use the PLC’s mixers to serve alcoholic drinks. The company itself does not manufacture any alcoholic drinks whatsoever, but seems to endorse the use of it’s mixers to create alcoholic cocktails, for instance a part of it’s webpage is dedicated to alcoholic cocktail recipes which can be made using the company mixers. Is it permissible to invest in such a company whose main revenue stems from the sale of it’s non alcholic mixers to alcoholic beverage companies or clubs, pubs etc. Please note that the mixers can obviously be consumed without alcohol as well, like ginger ale or madagascan cola.
Many thanks

Wa alaykum salaam,

Classical Islamic scholars such as Ibn Nujaym (rahimahullah) and others have discussed the issue of selling something to someone who you know will use the sale item in a non permissible method. Ibn Nujaym was of the view that as long as the seller does not have the intention or condone the buyer’s non-compliant income, the sale itself will not be non-compliant.

However, some contemporary scholars are of the view that with the mere knowledge of the actions of the purchaser, it becomes disliked and discouraged.

In your instance, since it is not a one-off transaction but a supply chain for non-compliant activities, it would be best to abstain from investing in a company which services a non-compliant supply chain.

Allah knows best

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