No option for Islamic Finance


I’m based out of India, and i couldn’t find any islamic banks for my financial needs (Eg : House Purchase)

I have 2 questions to be clarified,

  1. Is it halal to choose a housing loan in the aforesaid situation from a commercial bank where i will be entitled to pay riba?

2.Incase, If i choose to use this conventional loan, after few years if i happen to save some money, should i choose to close this loan first or can i invest this saved money in a fixed deposit in the same commercial bank, where a riba will be generated and i may choose to equate this two riba for 0 contribution towards riba from my end.

Please note, that i choose to keep it in FD for the reason that it may remain as corpus/emergency fund for me/dependent family members.

As this equation does not harm an individual well-being, which stands as the main reason for the abolition of riba, does this work in any means within our islamic law

Allah knows the best.