Nest Pension Sharia Fund


I was having a look at sharia complaint pension funds. One that is quite famous is the Nest Sharia Fund.

Here is a list of all of the companies they’ve invested into. Are all of these companies sharia compliant?

If not, roughly how much of this should I give away to purify the amount I recieve at the end?

Jazakallahu khaira

I’ve put a few stock names into the IFG stock screener.

At least 15 of the stocks are non-sharia compliant. Is there anyway the money invested into a fund like this with this many non-compliant stocks can be purified?

Jazakallahu Khaira

Wa alaykum salaam,

It would be best to raise this with Nest, and they will raise it with the Shariah board. They will give you the most detail and information based on the criteria and screening that was performed.