Nationwide £100 payment

Is it ok to accept the recently announced Nationwide £100 payment for account holders?

May Allah bless you.

To be eligible one must have two sorts of accounts with Nationwide I believe i.e. current account and a savings account with a minimum of £100 in it etc.

If you’re already a Nationwide customer and become eligible for the £100 reward based on your existing account activities, it should be okay to accept it. But, if you make changes specifically to qualify for the reward, such as deliberately opening accounts or depositing money, then it might not be acceptable from an Islamic perspective. This is because, in Islam, when you deposit money in a bank, it’s like lending them your money. If the bank gives you a reward for that deposit, it could be seen as interest, which is not allowed. However, if you’re already a customer and have made deposits, the reward could be seen more like a gift, not interest.

And Allah knows best!

Jzk! Really appreciate it.