My Job at a Consultancy Firm


I work for a company called Barnett Waddingham, who are a consultancy firm that advises on insurance, pensions, risk and investments.

They also have a pension division which is relatively large that holds a large amount of client money. I work in this division and hold the title "Adminisrator of governance, risk and compliance.

Specifically my job entails:

  • CASS (FCA handbook on complying with client money) and Daily Reconciliations.
  • internal audit
  • FCA/HMRC Reporting

For the CASS and Reconciliations side of things, whatever money comes into the business, we match this to whoever the money belongs too (i.e. clients SIPP (this may be receipts, investment or property), run internal reports to identify any discrepancies and resolve them and reconciling other accounts such as the direct debit account and tax account (money that goes to HMRC).

For the FCA/HMRC reporting side of things, this is submitting reports to the FCA and HMRC, for example:

  • Accounting for Tax Returns to HMRC
  • Monthly Client Monthly Asset Return (CMAR) to FCA
  • Monthly Distribution of Interest Report Run, this is the interest the business accumulates for holding client money and this can be in excess of 100K of interest accrued.
  • other reports too ( not sure on them all as this is a new role and have not covered everything yet)

I must say these are just submitting reports to the relevant authorities, and if any problems, then we must resolve them too.

Lastly, for internal auditing, this is just auditing the pensions division and not the Consultancy arm of the company.

Can you please advise if the job and it’s earnings are halal ?


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Can someone please get back to me ?

Thank you.

Can someone please get back to me ?


Can someone please reply ??

Thank you.