Mufti Faraz - Update to Staking Fatwa in 2020?

Assalamualaykum @Mufti_Faraz_Adam

In 2020, you wrote on this forum about your views on Staking, saying that staking in itself is permissible providing everything around it is permissible and each coin would have to be investigated on its own merit.
So a lot of people on the Telegram group are taking that intrinsic halal qawl and using it for mass staking.

But since then, a of new information has come to light and I’d like to find out (for the benefit of everyone on the Telegram group) if your view remains the same, given the following points…

  1. If the token which is planned to be staked is in itself halal, but the protocol or network or eco system it operates on has haram elements, then would staking this token constitute as ‘aiding in sin’?

  2. Staking seems to be ok if you are validating the block yourself, but if you are delegating the validation to someone else and then sharing in the proceeds, would this be akin to lending, since he can only work if your token has been put forward and staked?

  3. A person who is acting as a delegator, he is not buying or selling anything. So he is not running a business. Does this have any bearing on anything?

  4. The delegator is not selling a service either and is thus not an Ijarah based contract. Does this have any bearing?

  5. So the reward he gives you is not based on him selling a service or asset. He is sharing the reward he is getting himself. Does this have any bearing?

  6. Can this be thought of as Musharakah or Gifting? If so, then would it need to be proven that this is indeed being shared on that basis?

So based on all these points Maulana, is your opinion still the same as before, or do you have any additional points which may be worthy of mention?

I’d love for Staking to be halal, but would just like to get clarity for myself and all the others who are adhering to your comments from 2020 on one of the threads here.


Any update to this Mufti Saab?

I’d love for Staking to be halal…

:ROTFLMAO: That’s akin to saying, ‘I’d love for fornication to be halal…’

What’s halal is halal, and what’s haraam is haraam, and no amount of spin can change the permissibility of any given issue. It is what it is.

That said, a clear ruling on staking has yet to be given.