Moving from UK to Pakistan

Assalam O Alekum Mufti Sb

Hope you’re good InshaAllah.
I have few questions to ask as I feel I have no one to talk to, my parents passed away whom I used to share about everything… i am really lost and lonely…

I live in UK for 14 years and have 2 children.
Recently my husband decided to move back to Pakistan because of a lot of pressure from his parents and family…

I don’t have any family left in Pakistan and I have experienced some bad incidents in pakistan such as burglary at home on gunpoint and snatching in car on gunpoint… Also looking at Karachi’s current situation I don’t feel safe anymore to move back…

This situation has resulted in a lot of arguments between me and my husband and we have stopped talking to each other except when we talk is about Pakistan fight…

Also during this pandemic (covid 19) I am more concerned of my children’s health as they always get very ill whenever we visit…

And the important factor is also he does not have any money and leaving a peaceful life and home here…

We used to be a happy family but not anymore… i feel helpless as my tears and shouting nothing works…

I have always worked since I moved to UK after my marriage and we run the house together with a decent living now… We used to had fights because he never gave any expense or pocket money to me even though it was my desire… Now he got no money but he become aware of some recent savings of mine on the basis of which he decided to move otherwise he got nothing in hand…

Please advice me as if I am wrong if I am stopping him to move to Pakistan in following situation:

  1. During the Pandemic
  2. He got no money of his own and I have always struggled hard with him to reach where we are today
  3. His parents visit to Uk almost everywhere and they are living with rest of the family there and are not alone.
  4. I am deeply hurt because I am not ready to move but he won’t listen.

Please advice me what should I do in this situation, shall I move to Pakistan??


May Allah bless you.
First of all, I would like to just point out that this forum is only for queries related to finance. We don’t really answer questions related to other Islamic issues.

Secondly, I appreciate you have no one to talk to, so I will offer you my my honest opinion on your matter.

  1. Your savings is only yours and your husband has not right over it.
  2. I do understand your situation, however, if I tell you to move to Pakistan then you will not be happy. If I tell you to not move to Pakistan, then you will end up in another fight with your husband.
    This decision has to be taken between the two of you. You are a team and you should be working together. If the two of you cannot have a discussion without ending up in an argument, then you should both seek counselling, or chose two decent people from each side to assist the two of you in getting an agreement.
    Of course, you both should do plenty of istikhara, and ask Allah to guide you towards the best outcome possible.

May Allah makes it easy for you!