Moving away from haram income

Slms if a person was ignorant all their life of how the earnings were coming in and now they have become aware and realise they have income which is halal but also have income which is haram. The person wants to come out of this haram income but it will maybe take Around 2 years, in the interim they have separated halal and haram income in seperate bank accounts so the person knows which is purified wealth. Please can you kindly confirm.

A) if they pay the charity from the halal income will that charity be accepted while that person is trying to come out of the haram income.


May Allah bless you.
First I would like to congratulate you for making the effort to separate your halal income from the haram one. May Allah make it easy for you.
In regards to your question, yes the charity given from the halal income sources is acceptable.

And Allah knows best!