Money and In-laws

Assalam alaikum! There’s a question relating to my husband and his parents. My in-laws would take all the daughters and spend time with relatives overseas for 2 months. Then they come back penniless and ask my husband to pay for their rental fees.

During the pandemic nowadays, they would buy new sofa, and get new phones for all the daughters while the father’s out of job, and ask my husband to pay for their daughters’ dental visits and the whole families’ iqama renewal and dependent fees…

Apparently all the things they asked are absolute urgent needs. But they are putting a lot of pressure on our life. Is my husband responsible for what they asked? He already borrowed over 150 K all these years through our marriage. And we don’t have our house or any properties. What should I do?

Thank you very much. May Allah reward you.


May Allah bless you.

Your husband is responsible to provide for you. If he can still do that by also helping his family, then that is his choice unfortunately.

If your husband is in so much debt, and is actually struggling financially, then he should speak to his parents about it.

And Allah knows best!