Mining Ethereum and staking Cardano

Assalamu alaikoum
I found a telegram channel called Crypto Islam and it says that mining Ethereum or staking Cardano is haram because of smart contracts, so basically any coin that has smart contracts can’t be mined because you could be validating transactions that are not sharia compliant.
Is this information correct? if someone has any idea please help

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With regards to mining and staking with smart contracts, you do not know what the transaction is. You yourself are not validating it but the machine is. You are securing the network by staking and mining. The purpose is not to give credibility to a haram transaction but to secure the network as a whole.

I am not saying it’s haram or halal. Someone more knowledgeable, preferably a Mufti needs to answer.

It’s a good question

yeah I really hope someone qualified answers this because I haven’t found anything regarding this question

salaam i have exactly same questions and from same source , did you find any answer ?

nothing no mufti on this forum has addressed this even though it could change the permissibility of mining / staking

can i copy your message any make new topic so can any mufti see it.

even i don’t know if crypto Islam have mufti , because if Ethereum mining base of Haram why he said investment is Halal