Mining cryptocurrency

Is mining cryptocurrency halal?

ASalamalikum how much do you mine per day? And what software do you use?

Well, I am starting now. I have not bought the equipment yet let alone setting up. Just want to make sure is halal before I mine.

I am also looking for an answer. Most of the things I can find are related to buying and selling. For mining I have seen some things about bitcoin mining that there is no problem with that.

However, bitcoin mining requires special computers which are only for mining. The most profitable one to do with a home computer is Ethereum at the moment. From what I understand, the proof of work protocol is not a problem but in Ethereum there are defi and contracts which are haram, your computer could be validating those transactions. I also feel it could be the same problem with staking, if I understand how it works correctly. Your stake could be actually used to validate things you don’t necessarily approve of.

I would love to get an answer if this risks makes mining Ether or similar coins a haram investment as well.