Metatrader4s platform

Salaams Mufta saab

I came across a platform called Metatrader4, kindly shed some light on weather I can invest in it and make a profit through trades? I enquired and got some response below if that helps

Hi, thanks for your inquiry, yes all our trades are 100% halal you aren’t gambling your money in any way we invested into currencies and stocks that fluctuate on the market which enables your trade to earn profits

I am a freelance trading consultant, that invest for people that want to make secure investments. I work for a 10% commission off each trade. The trade is known as a ‘Binary trade’ working on MetaTrader4’s platform.
our minimum investment starts at £700 which fluctuates in the market & earns profit from currencies used. 2-5k can be made in just 24hrs. We don’t enter smaller investments as they are more at risk of not making profit in 24 hours. You can never lose what you invest in our services because if the trade doesn’t earn profit we offer a complete refund for first time clients only.

Does this in any way make sense or is there anything more I need to find out for you to give me a feedback?


Wa alaykum salaam,

Is this forex trading?