Match Funding Question

Salam Alaikum.

My query is about the permissibility of match funding. The example is of someone is to set up a crowdfunding project for their potential business which is rewards based. The company hosting the crowdfunding offers the option of a price match. So say for example is you get £1000 worth of donations they will match that and add another £1000. Is that allowed. Would that count as riba? I still don’t fully understand every scenario that constitutes riba.

Thank you.


May Allah bless you.
As far as I am aware, benefiting from match funds is permissible. As you said, when you raise funds for let’s say 50% of your target, another organisation will pledge to give you the remaining 50% for free. This is considered to be a donation from their side, hence, it would not be considered as riba.

There is an article regarding riba on our website, see link:

And Allah knows best!

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Thank you very much for your helpful response.