Marriage proposal from someone working in Private Debt Capital


I recently got a proposal of a highly educated man who works for MetLife Investment Management. His job description includes Buy-side Debt Private Placements Investor and he is responsible for originating, executing and monitoring private debt investments for mid-cap corporates falling under European investment grade and high yield.

He is from a decent and educated family according to the person forwarding his details to us but I think since he is arranging debt for clients, his income is not halal.

I would appreciate if you could please confirm whether someone with this profile would be considered to be earning halal income or not.


Wa alaykum salaam,

Facilitating Shariah non-compliant debt trades is problematic.

It might be that he is unaware or he maybe finding it difficult to move away from the sector and find a suitable role elsewhere.

Nevertheless, in such matters, make Istikharah, speak with him about this matter to get your view across and understand his excuse if there is any.

The prophetic advice is to find someone who is conscious of their deen. Undoubtedly, one’s deen is also measured by how serious a person is about the lawfulness of their earnings.

Allah knows best