Marketing unpaid online apprenticeship

Salam alaykum,

This may not directly link to finance but it is about halal jobs so I hope you can offer an insight.

I found this unpaid online work experience opportunity in marketing for a company that matches car sellers to car buyers. They focus on making the process of buying cars for women easy. The problem I found is that website has pictures of women on it sometimes with their awrah like one picture where one woman was wearing shorts. I’m not completely sure if the internship will involve me dealing with any pictures of women but I fear that since the company focuses on women It may involve me doing that. I’ve got an interview this Friday about it but I’m not a sure whether to tell them before that that I can’t work for them (even though I won’t be paid). So my question is is it haram to work unpaid in the marketing of the company even though the product is halal but has pictures of women on their website and I don’t know if I will deal with those pictures as part of the job?

jazakAllah khair


May Allah bless you.

Its difficult to say if the job itself is halal as you are not sure what you will be doing exactly. Of course, if you are required to create or market pictures that contravene shariah principles, then this is not acceptable.
However, since this is an apprenticeship, and if there is no better alternative at the moment, then you can go ahead to gain the necessary experience that will help you to find a suitable halal job in the future.

And Allah knows best!