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I have a question and I hope that you will be able to help me inshallah.

I just wanted to know if it was fine to work at MBB or an any other firms, in a muslim country/city (like Dubai, Morocco…).

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May Allah bless you.
What would be role involved?

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Like in Western countries, as a strategy consultant.

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I’d like to know the answer of this question too, because i know that in the West, there are some grey areas, but i was wondering what about Middle East or Muslim country (like Morocco) ?

Specially if you work as a strategy consultant.

Jazak Allahu Khayran

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Firstly, it depends on some factors. For example, it may be that your firm is offering advices on acquisition in the automobile industry (which is a halal industry). However, you might be involved in structuring an interest based financing contract.
Sometimes, your role might be permissible, but the project itself might not be shariah compliant.

Secondly, the fact that these firms are operating in Muslim countries, does not mean it is automatically halal to work for them. There are many haram things that are officially accepted in many of these countries.

Having said that, there are certain haram jobs that are tolerated out of necessity. To understand the full context is paramount to make a shariah decision on this sort of issue. For example, Dr Mustafa Binhamzah, who is a leading Moroccan scholar, has a somewhat lenient position when it comes to working in a conventional bank. This is in contrast with the position usually held by other scholars from the Gulf and Indo Pak region who have a stricter approach.
However, in my personal opinion, Dr Binhamzah is absolutely correct in his position given the context he lives in. It would not be useful to start issuing fatwas preventing people from working in an interest based bank, when Morocco does not even have a solid Islamic banking system as an alternative. it takes lot of time and effort to move from an conventional model to an Islamic one.
Many have mentioned how Pakistan faced difficulties in trying to do so, and in the end, they ended up with a dual banking system.

The same can be said about working at MBB in a Muslim country. It is possible, that from where I stand, I might see it as being impermissible for X Y reason. However, the local scholar of the respective country, might see things differently, and might see the job as being permissible out of necessity.

In brief, providing a general answer to the question might not be helpful. Each case must be looked at individually, by assessing the context and the exact details of the role involved.

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