Manage a team for a company creating softwares for private banking

Aslam Alaikum,

I’m being offred a job as a manager of a team of software developpers, testers and client services agents for a software company that is creating softwares for private banking, asset mangers and wealth manager. Shoud I accept this job or not?

Wa alaykum salaam,

What type of responsibilities do you have? What will your team be developing?

Aslam Alaikum,

My responsibilities will be to ensure that the team is delivering what is expected of them in terms of time, effort and quality.

The team will be developping softwares with the following detailed features:

  • Navigate From Client-Centric View To Asset-Centric View

    • Views And Portfolio Analysis
    • Client Document Management And Viewing
    • Orders Integration
    • Business Management Dashboards
  • Prospect And Opportunities Management

    • Opportunities Identification & Management
    • Pipeline Maintenance
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)

    • Prospects Activity Trail (Email, Call, Reminders, …)
    • Client Data Management (Details, Preferences, Contact, Connections, Wealth, Budget)
  • Onboarding & KYC Certification

    • Marketing Data Collection
    • Regulatory Rules Including KYC, AML Risk Profile, MiFID Profile, Suitability
  • Web And Mobile Client Portal

    • From Consultation (E-Banking) To Ordering
    • Responsive Design Through All Devices, Tablets And Smartphone, Including IOS And Android Apps
    • Secured Messaging With Audit/Tracking Capabilities
    • Document/Content Sharing And Electronic Signature Capabilities
    • Option For External Asset Manager (EAM) With Dedicated Advanced Functionalities
  • Portfolio Management

    • Multi Dimensional Navigation
    • Portfolio Valuation And Consolidation
    • Complete Client And Portfolio Situation Analysis
    • Customizable Dashboard And Asset Views
  • Performance Calculation Engine And Analysis

    • TWR/MWR/IRR At Multi Level (Consolidated/Portfolio/Position)
    • Performance Contribution And Attribution
  • Alerts Engine

    • Benchmarks
    • Legal And Management Controls And Alerts
  • Reporting Generation

    • Analytical And Risk Indicators
    • Internal Or High-End Client Reporting
  • Order Management

    • Ebanking Integration And Mass Generation
    • Individual/Bulk Orders And Advanced Ordering Functions
    • Models Definition And Portfolio Rebalancing With Automatic Order Generation
    • Multi Asset Class (Securities, Derivatives, Forex, Hedge, Funds, Etc…)
    • Pre And Post-Trade Controls With Orders Restrictions (Legal/Management)
    • Models Definition And Portfolio Rebalancing With Automatic Order Generation
    • Investment Strategy Proposal
  • Bank Management And Accounting

    • Muti-Account Charts, Multi-Currency & Country, Multi-Entity
    • Accounting Date And Value
    • Dynamic Financial Statements And General Ledger
    • Treasury And Cash Management
    • Master Data Management(Clients,Securities)
    • Fee Management
    • Credit Management
  • Order Management & Payments

    • Multi Asset Class
    • Money Market Instruments & Forex
    • Internal And External Payments
    • Advanced Ordering Capabilities
    • Corporate Actions Management
  • Risk Management

    • Borrowing Power And Credit Lines
    • Client’s Debtor Risks Control And Guarantees
    • Counterparties Limits
  • Customer Output And Reporting

    • Queries And Data Extraction
    • Tailor-Made Client And Legal Reporting
  • Compliance & Regulatory

    • Conformity Rules Engine
    • AML
    • Fatca/QI & CRS
  • Analytical Accounting And Revenue Management (Bank Cockpit)

  • Real Time And Accurate Information For Monitoring And Control

    • Compliance Monitoring
    • Credit Monitoring
    • Transactions Monitoring