Making software for asset finance and automobile leasing

I am working as software Engineer in company whick makes asset finance and automobile leasing software.
Their product is very complex and will take more than an year to understand but basic overview is it manages the contracts system for Asset finance companies which operate on interest. I read and watch some islamic scholars saying that if asset company or even banks take the owner ship of vehicle or anything and then provide it on installments for a fixed period of time then it is permissible in islam as long as both buyer and seller agree on one price.Money angainst Money is Riba which is totally prohibited in islam. Now The company i am working for makes software for asset finance company. I dont know if they give loans or just provide finance over an asset. Plus there is option in a software where lender can get a penalty in case of late payments. Is working there for me considered halal or haram. Is my source of income halal ?
My Second Question is they also have very small department where they just make random software.
But the main revenue they generate is from their product i just mentioned above. Can i work there too if they allow me to change me department ?
I know its a long question But I really need guidence as i am having doubts whether my income is halal or not .