Making money with anime youtube halal or haram

So I am thinking of creating a channel where we will post video like top 5 anime to watch or Anime reviews. (Anime is Japanese animation it’s like drama but animated ) And we will earn money from adsense so is it halal ?


May Allah bless you.

I personally don’t see any issues with kids’ Anime. Although some scholars may see Anime as haram due to the drawings factor.

However, some of these Japanese Anime have dodgy contents too including pornography. So obviously you have to make sure you are not promoting haram stuff.

Same with profits made from ads, it all depends on what is being promoted. Some stuff will be obviously haram such as alcohol etc. Whilst some others might fall into a grey area. Be cautious, that’s all I can say.

And Allah knows best!

@Mufti_Billal Thanks