Making money from playing games halal?

As Salaamu Alaykum

Would it be halal to play games with the intention or possibility to make money from the games? This is a common theme in eSports and NFTs, where you can win an NFT and that NFT has a monetary value. Let’s say a game has a set of challenges that you must complete and if you do them, you ‘win’ NFTs.

Similarly, but not entirely the same, CS:GO has a similar feature where you can play games online against other players 1v1 and by using a third party platform, you can bet that you will win with your own in-game items. In the case of CS:GO, you use gun skins (themes of guns) or types of knives in the bets. I’m pretty sure the case of betting for in-game items is haram, but I thought it would be good to mention anyways as this is becoming more common. The issue that complicates it is that the things you are betting with are in-game items, though they can be sold for real life money afterwards.

The following ruling is somewhat relevant, but my question is more broad.

Jazak Allah Khayr

Do not know exactly if permissible. But yes betting is not allowed


May Allah bless you.
Games can either be haram because of their contents or some scholars do not approve of them because of playing can be seen as a waste of useful time which does not befit a Muslim.
The money you make if its from haram games will be considered as impermissible too.

And Allah knows best!

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