Making Bill on Importers name

Assalamu alaikum.
For business, people need to take help of legal importers. That is if I want to do business with a product by importing, either I have to have my own licence or take service from the one who has licence to import. Now, as I don’t have licence I take service of other legal importers. I pay for the product.And my supplier sends the product to my importers office/warehouse. And then he completes all the legal process and gives me my product. For this he has some charges. But my issue is, the product invoice is done on the name of the importer. Because he is importing it legally. I mean after I pay the bill to my supplier, I ask him to make a bill on the name of my importer. Is it ok?


May Allah bless you.
Yes the method described in the question is permissible. The legal importer is acting as an agent on your behalf, which is all fine.

And Allah knows best!

thank you for your reply. May Allah bless us all.

I want to clear one thing (earlier it was not in my mind. so could not share with you)

most of the time legal importers have a partner (sometimes business affiliation) in the other country. Like, if you are an importer and want to import product from India to Bangladesh, then you will need a legal exporter in India. So that the total import an export is done legally. So in such cases, when I, as business man take your service for importing a product legally in Bangladesh, then you ask me to make the product bill on the name of your partner(sometimes affiliation) who is in India. As he is the one who has the legal certificate to export something, And the bill is needed to show in the customs officer in India. And after he exports it to Bangladesh then you will do the all the legal process to import it in the customs office of Bangladesh. In a nutshell every legal importer has to have a legal exporter in the other country (from where he is planning to import something). Either this exporter and importer are business parter. Or if the importer company is a verrrrrrry big company then it opens a branch as an exporter in the other countries. In our country there is very few companies of category 2.Most of them are of category 1.
is it ok?

Reply please brother. Waiting for it :frowning: @Mufti_Billal

Yes it is fine.

And Allah knows best!